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Located twelve miles northwest of Boone, NC, Sunalei offers its residents an exceptional mountain community like no other. The Forest at Sunalei, and neighboring Sunalei Preserve, encompass 200 acres of conservation land within the community in order to protect and preserve a unique environment-- offering homeowners pristine views and unparalleled natural beauty.

Approximately 750 acres of Sunalei lies in Watauga County and the remaining 240 acres spill into Johnson County, Tennessee. With elevations ranging from 3800 feet to 5500 feet, Sunalei offers refreshing summers and chilly winters. Snake Mountain, the tallest mountain in Watauga County, is part of the Sunalei lands. The mountain gained its name from the unique curved shape of its ridge, which resembles a serpent. The north fork of the New River, known as the second oldest river in the world, flows through the Conservancy Lands of Sunalei.

The Sunalei Community continues the tradition of the Great Camps of the Adirondacks, providing large acreage homesites with a communal Guest Lodge and Clubhouse. The number of homesites within Sunalei is strictly limited; the size of the sites, known as Homesteads or Camp Lots, are determined by the suitability and lay of the land. Sunalei embraces a unique development concept where the goal is to preserve the wilderness of the region while ensuring the enjoyment of its natural beauty. Sunalei strives not simply to be defined by its exceptional homes and amenities, but by its distinctive land parcels-- for it is the views of lush valleys and blue-capped peaks that make Forest at Sunalei a true experience in mountain living.

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